Bionda’s Marinated Zucchini


Pickled organic zucchini marinated with Trapani Sicilian salt, Sicilian oregano, garlic and spices, packed under Sicilian oregano. Great on antipasti plates, sandwiches or a panino. 12oz

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Chef Kathryne Bennett at Bionda has dedicated her career to preparing food the Italian way. Her small-batch sott’olio (under oil) pickles are crafted from mushrooms, eggplants, tomatoes, and zucchinis, which are picked from local organic farms at the peak of ripeness when they are bursting with flavors and nutrients. Her focus on using authentic ingredients—like salt from Trapani, Sicily, and vinegar from Northern Italy—follows methods cooks across southern Italy have practiced in their kitchens for generations, using salt, vinegar, and herbs, to preserve and enjoy the region’s quintessential tastes all year round.