Organic Whole Khorasan Wheat Orecchiette (Nutshells)


Literally “little ears”, orecchiette originally were produced in Provence and many believe came to Puglia in the 13th century with the Angevins.  Typical to central and southern Italy, particularly Puglia.  Classically prepared with a sugo of cime di rapa and sausage.

Recommended Cooking Time: 8 minutes

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About Khorasan Flour: 

Khorasan wheat is a heritage grain, also know commercially as ‘kamut’, that has not been modified or hybridized through modern breeding practices. It is a suitable choice for those who are sensitive to modern wheat varieties. Our whole Khorasan wheat pasta has a beautiful amber color, a smooth texture, a buttery, nutty flavor, and plenty of fiber. Thanks to its lower tannin content, it has none of the bitterness of whole grains. Khorasan is known to be more digestible than modern wheat varieties, has a more complete nutritional profile, and also contains more proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals.

Originally harvested in the Fertile Crescent of what is now modern-day Iran and Afghanistan.  Limited to only 16,000 acres harvested annually, with most of the production exported to Italy.

Our Process: 

Patterned plates, or dies, are the molds through which the dough is pushed (extruded) to give pasta a particular shape.
We at Baia Pasta only use brass dies because of the desirable texture that they generate. The textured surface of our pasta allows sauces to adhere to it and impart an artisanal touch to every dish. Moreover, brass dies are ideal to maintain the temperature within certain limits during the extrusion, retaining the natural protein structure and flavor of wheat. Our pasta is traditional in every sense: rough, thick and with an amazing “al dente” texture, with a deep wheat flavor.