Limited-Edition Organic Whole Emmer Wheat Gemelli (Twins)


Gemelli or “twins” are a close cousin of fusilli and tortiglioni, typical to southern Italy, especially Campania.  True to their name, a single strand of twisted pasta with a deceptively dual appearance. Sauces cling tightly to their textured nooks and crannies: the classic combination is paired with fresh pesto.

Recommended Cooking Time: 8 minutes.


About Whole Emmer Wheat: 

Emmer was a wholesome daily staple of the ancient Egyptians, and has been grown for millennia in the Middle East and North Africa. Originating 12,000 to 9,000 years ago, emmer gave rise to all durum wheat. After Julius Caesar’s invasion of Egypt in 30 B.C., emmer (Triticum dicoccon) found a home in Italy, where is usually called “farro medio” or simply “farro” as the most widely used of the three primary varietals (the others being spelt or “farro grande” and einkhorn or “farro piccolo”). The nutritious grain became a staple at every level of Roman society, sustaining the Roman Legions and even giving rise to the Italian word for flour: farina.  Delicious and high in protein, emmer nonetheless saw its place at the table usurped in modern times by higher-yield, easily-harvested wheat. Rich in fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamins, emmer also becomes a complete protein source when combined with legumes, making emmer grains and pastas ideal for vegetarians, or for anyone simply looking for a plant-based high-protein food source.

Our emmer pasta is made with grains grown organically in California by Kenter Farms and milled by Central Milling in Logan, Utah.  It’s a Type-110 flour characterized by an extraction rate at the mill of about 90%. This means that that the flour still contains many of the fibers and minerals typical to whole grain flours. The pasta has a deep nutty flavor of spelt, with some complex, pronounced earthy notes. The color of the flour is dark brown with purplish notes.

Our Process: 

Patterned plates, or dies, are the molds through which the dough is pushed (extruded) to give pasta a particular shape.  We at Baia Pasta only use brass dies because of the desirable texture that they generate. The textured surface of our pasta allows sauces to adhere to it and impart an artisanal touch to every dish. Moreover, brass dies are ideal to maintain the temperature within certain limits during the extrusion, retaining the natural protein structure and flavor of wheat. Our pasta is traditional in every sense: rough, thick and with an amazing “al dente” texture, with a deep wheat flavor.