Llano Seco Pinquito Beans


The Pinquito is a small, creamy and super sweet miniature version of the pink bean. Embedded in California history, the Pinquito bean was brought to the Santa Maria region of the Central Coast by either Missionaries or citrus grove workers. It has a firm texture and produces a dense flavorful broth. 12oz

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Rancho Llano Seco (Chico, CA) was incorporated in 1861 and has a rich history of balancing agriculture, livestock husbandry and conservation. The Rancho is one of the last Mexican land grant properties that remains intact. It is a reminder of a lost era when Californian, American, Mexican, and Spanish history intersected.

Llano Seco means dry plain in Spanish, and comes from the dry land wheat fields that have been an historical source of pride for the Rancho’s farmers since its inception. Llano Seco Rancho grows heirloom beans expressly for their rich flavor and their rich history. Heirloom crops are, in simple terms, the old timey varieties that are known for their flavor and nutritional value, that have gone out of fashion due to their inability to adapt to industrial agriculture’s ways.

Oldies but goodies!