Limited-Edition Orecchiette al Nero di Seppia


Literally “little ears”, orecchiette originally were produced in Provence and many believe came to Puglia in the 13th century with the Angevins.  Typical to central and southern Italy, particularly Puglia.  Classically prepared with a sugo of cime di rapa and sausage.

Recommended Cooking Time: 7-8 minutes.

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About Squid Ink: 

After seven years since founding Baia Pasta, I have finally find the courage to work on Squid Ink and decided to offer this unusual Southern Italian ingredient with one of the iconic shapes of Puglia, orecchiette.

I love that Baia Squid Ink orecchiette are a bit salty (use therefore slightly less salt then the normal when you cook them) and give a whole umami flavor to whatever dish you are preparing. Orecchiette are typically prepared with  fresh fish from the sea and vegetables in Puglia.