Timeless Organic Semi-Pearled Farro


Semi-Pearled Farro, is a form of the heirloom grain emmer (triticum dicoccum), which is an ancient precursor of wheat.  It was first selected from wild grasses and domesticated as a cultivated crop by Neolithic farmers in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East at least 10,000 years ago.

While it was a staple food ingredient over the centuries across the Mediterranean region, emmer eventually fell out of favor as more modern, higher yielding wheats were developed. Thankfully, it remained popular in Italian cuisine, allowing it to be rediscovered by Western chefs in the 21st Century. Today emmer – whole grain or semi-pearled – is found on the menus of exclusive restaurants across Europe and America, and valued by chefs both both its chewy texture and rich, nutty flavor.  While whole grain emmer takes more than an hour to cook, Semi-Pearled Farro will be ready in about 20 minutes at a simmer.  Or cook it risotto style (try this Farrotto recipe). Since it is an ancient relative of wheat, Farro does contain gluten, but like spelt and some other heirloom grains, it can sometimes be tolerated by those who have only moderate sensitivities to wheat and gluten. (100% organic, 16 oz)

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Timeless was given birth in 1987 when four organic farmers from central Montana – Bud Barta, Jim Barngrover, Tom Hastings, and David Oien – came together to grow a self-reseeding leguminous cover crop called George Black Medic, which had been developed at Montana State University by Dr. Jim Sims, and named for his father. While Black Medic was a great idea, it turned out not to be a viable business for the “four guys enterprise.” Undaunted, the Timeless boys, who were among the first organic farmers in Montana, remained committed to crop rotations, natural fertilizer, and alternative agriculture. Knowing that they and other organic farmers needed viable cropping and market alternatives, they turned their focus to “pulse crops,” edible annual legumes like peas and lentils. Now in their third decade, Timeless remains committed to sustainable agriculture, good health, and the local community. USDA-organic, certified by Montana Department of Agriculture