Organic Whole Spelt Fusilloni (Corkscrews)


Like much Italian pasta, these fusilloni, or corkscrews, have their origins in southern Italy, yet folklore in regional traditions and dialects is effusive throughout the peninsula.  The word fusillo itself is a Neapolitan dialect term used – Oretta Zanini de Vita tells us – by the pasta makers along the Sorrentine and Amalfi coasts. In Basilicata, the fusillo is a harbinger for a baby-to-be’s gender; when the pasta tossed in the water.  When it floats vertically, it is a boy; when horizontally, a girl.

Whatever origin story you subscribe to, you will equally appreciate the versatility of this sauce-clinging shape.  Its hearty texture and shape is a perfect accompaniment for rich, hearty sauces like ragus and thick vegetable sauces.

Recommended Cooking Time: 9 minutes.

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About Whole Spelt: 

Our whole spelt flour, mostly from Washington State and Montana, is characterized by an extraction rate at the mill close to 98% . This means that the flour maintains all the fibers and nutrients of the whole grain. Bold and absolutely tasty, this pasta has all the nutty, complex flavor of spelt, with the classic grassy and brambly flavor tones of a whole gain. The color of the flour is dark brown and the noodles are very toothsome when cooked.

Our Process: 

Patterned plates, or dies, are the molds through which the dough is pushed (extruded) to give pasta a particular shape.
We at Baia Pasta only use brass dies because of the desirable texture that they generate. The textured surface of our pasta allows sauces to adhere to it and impart an artisanal touch to every dish. Moreover, brass dies are ideal to maintain the temperature within certain limits during the extrusion, retaining the natural protein structure and flavor of wheat. Our pasta is traditional in every sense: rough, thick and with an amazing “al dente” texture, with a deep wheat flavor.