Pernicious Pickling Co. Pickled Beans “Lean’n’mean”


Take habanero, red Thai chile, a special blend of spices and the crunch of green beans and you have a powerfully spicy and flavorful Lean ‘N Mean Pickled Beans. They pair excellently in your favorite Bloody Mary, chopped and mixed into a pasta salad or stirred into a dilly bean potato salad with smoked salmon.

Ingredients: green beans, apple cider vinegar, water, kosher salt, garlic, thai chile, habanero, dill, crushed red pepper, black peppercorns

Pernicious Pickling Co. makes deliciously creative pickles in Costa Mesa, CA using premium, all-natural ingredients. All pickles are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no preservatives. 16oz

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Mississippi gal, Kendra, and English chap, Baron, have been avid picklers since their mums first slathered Chow-Chow and Piccalilli on their school lunch sandwiches. Today they make pickled vegetables – all with bold flavors inspired by their homelands and the richly diverse culture of Southern California. A Food&Wine favorite too!