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A round trip ticket to Italy: $1800
Our Taste of Italy gift pack: $34

Soooo, our Taste of Italy gift pack doesn’t come complete with breathtaking landscapes, historic buildings, and the sights and sounds of Italy, but it does come with some of the basic pantry items stocked in most Italian households. Send this gift to your loved ones (with a bottle of Italian wine) and they can¬†enjoy many classic Italian dishes at home. This is the perfect gift for everyone on your list from your Italophile girlfriend Sofie who rides a Vespa and falls asleep to Roman Holiday every night to your boyfriend Geoff who knows the way to your heart is through your stomach.

These pantry items are the base of so many delicious and classic Italian dishes; the possibilities are endless! We will include a few recipe ideas for you to create in the kitchen.

РOur Taste of Italy gift pack includes:

Caravaglio Capers

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